Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The unsung heroes of medicine

We may be the decision-makers, but we don't deserve all the credit. The unsung heroes of medicine -- members of the health care team other than doctors and nurses -- should be recognized, too.

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What the brain wants for Christmas

Attention last-minute shoppers: We asked some psychologists what your mind thinks makes a great gift this time of year -- and whether the recipient is thinking the same thing you are.

Source: http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_health/~3/PFkb6FPtuPw/index.html

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Alligator found in Detroit

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Support crucial for kids after trauma

School shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, may have long-lasting consequences, but with proper support, many children are able to move on, experts say.

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Is it too late to get a flu shot?

CNN's Holly Firfer explains the importance of getting a flu shot and why it's not too late to get one.

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One in 12 in military has clogged heart arteries

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Just over one in 12 U.S. service members who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had plaque buildup in the arteries around their hearts - an early sign of heart disease, according to a new study. None of them had been...

Source: http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/nm/one-in-12-in-military-has-clogged-heart-arteries

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News Analysis: The Perils of Yoga for Men

Yoga can be dangerous for men, who have more muscle and less flexibility than women.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/23/sunday-review/the-perils-of-yoga-for-men.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

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Well: Snack Recipes for Health

In this week's Recipes for Health, Martha Rose Shulman offers holiday snacks without the guilt.

Source: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/21/snack-time/?partner=rss&emc=rss

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South Africa's Mandela to remain in hospital for Christmas

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Former South African President Nelson Mandela continues to respond to treatment more than two weeks after being taken to hospital in Pretoria and will remain there for Christmas Day, the presidency said on Monday. The 94-y...

Source: http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/nm/south-africa-s-mandela-to-remain-in-hospital-for-christmas

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A girl for Walsh-Jennings

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Gene-Altered Fish Moves Closer to Federal Approval

The Food and Drug Administration concluded that a genetically engineered salmon would have “no significant impact” on the environment.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/22/business/gene-altered-fish-moves-closer-to-federal-approval.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

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Blind dog finds owners

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Why Olympians live longer than the rest of us

All that Olympics training, regardless of the sport, may pay off in extra years, according to two recent studies.

Source: http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_health/~3/48fqWZoxMAM/index.html

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Obesity bigger crisis than hunger

Obesity is a bigger health crisis globally than hunger, and the leading cause of disabilities around the world, according to a new report published Thursday in the British medical journal The Lancet.

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Give a heart-healthy gift

Why not give gifts that help friends and family stay healthy this holiday season? HLN's Susan Hendricks reports.

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